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  • ... do I have to pay up front to be represented?
    NO! The Dubs Group works on a commission-based structure, ensuring our client's success at the core of every decision we make. We work hard for you and are only successful when you are. If you don’t get paid, we don’t get paid.
  • ... how does this all work?
    We get to know you. You tell us who you are, and what you are passionate about. We then go out into the marketplace and find the right brands for you to partner with. Once we identify them, we negotiate the terms, and bring it back to you for approval. It is just that easy.
  • ... can I look for my own deals?
    We'd love you for you to find deals, but you don’t have to. We are partners! Bring those deals back to us and we will take it from there. But remember, you don’t have to go find them.
  • ...can I make money off of my Name, Image, or Likeness?
    Yes, since July of 2021! Reach out in the contact form below-we can help make it happen.
  • ...are there certain brands I can't work with?
    It is complicated, but don't worry-our job is to help guide you through this stuff! Student-athletes are permitted to: Receive compensation from a business for the company to use their NIL to promote a product or service; Use their NIL to promote their own business or a business they are working for; Receive compensation to sign autographs or appear at a business or private event; or Utilize an agent to assist with any NIL activities, provided they have a written agreement with the agent that is specific to NIL activities and not for sport‐related representation. NCAA rules and Texas legislation DO NOT permit student-athletes to: Receive compensation in exchange for athletic performance or attendance at an institution; Receive compensation provided by an [collegiate] institution; Receive compensation in exchange for an endorsement of alcohol, tobacco products and nicotine devices, anabolic steroids, sports betting, gambling, firearms student-athletes cannot legally purchase, or sexually oriented businesses; Partake in a NIL activity that conflicts with a team contract, an institutional contract, an athletics policy, or an institutional policy or honor code; Partake in a NIL activity that takes place during official team activities; and Partake in a NIL contract that extends beyond collegiate participation.
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