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Grace Talpash

Meet Grace Talpash.


Originally from California, Grace is one of three girls who were raised in a competitive, sports-loving family. She didn’t realize her love of volleyball until her freshman year of high school, but she has been obsessed ever since. In her time at OU, she has made the Academic All-Big 12 Team and played in almost 40 matches.


Her childhood hobbies of Irish dancing and golfing have since taken a backseat to her volleyball career. Being the product of a competitive family, she is very driven and a natural born leader. She and her team are approaching this season hungry for better results than they’ve seen in the past few years.


Grace loves coffee, specifically iced coffee. She frequents coffee shops when studying, and also just for her daily dose of caffeine. Her favorite food is Mexican and she has definitely found her favorite Mexican restaurants in Norman. She has Celiac Disease, so she has also found her favorite spots for gluten-free meals. Something Grace is very passionate about is the environment and sustainability. She claims that 90% of her closet is vintage clothing that she has found at thrift shops as she is very against fast fashion. However, she does love athleisure and buys most of that firsthand.


In her free time, Grace loves to watch classic TV shows on Netflix, like New Girl and The Office. She also lives thrillers and funny Youtube videos (CodyKo). She is also very artistic and loves painting and ceramics. One of her future aspirations is to open a consignment store that features ceramics and a coffee bar.


Faith is a large part of her life and she has found a community within that at Oklahoma. She has found a church and also participates in a Bible study with her team and the women’s soccer team.

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*Photos Courtesy of OU Athletics

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