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Meet Cohen.


This summer, Cohen Feser has relocated to Bristol, Tennessee to play in the Appalachian League. Cohen is from San Antonio & attends college in Fort Worth, so a summer away from Texas is a new, but welcome challenge.


Cohen chose TCU not just because of baseball, but also because of the opportunities within the business school. He hopes to apply to the business school at the end of his sophomore year & eventually pursue a career within finance, marketing, or the supply chain. He has established his pregame ritual in his first year at TCU & focuses heavily on stretching before he plays. On the field, he prefers to stay on the mound. He has no interest in hitting, because in his own words, he isn’t great at it.


Like most Texans, Cohen loves his local Mexican restaurants but he also loves the classics like Eatzi’s, Canes, Panda Express, and Potbelly. In terms of style, he isn’t too specific. However, he does love ranching clothes & you won’t ever catch him without both of his chains. In his free time, he loves to play golf, go fishing, and play video games with his teammates.


Cohen is the youngest of four siblings & his family has multiple cats & dogs (the dogs are his favorite). Currently, he drives around Fort Worth in his point Mustang, but one day he’d love to be cruising in a Porsche GT3.

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*Photos Courtesy of TCU Athletics 

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