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Meet Owen Blackledge.


Owen moved from North Canton, Ohio to Fort Worth, Texas to pursue his lifelong dream of playing college baseball. Adjusting to life in Texas hasn’t been the easiest – he is not a fan of the aggressive drivers or country music & he still prefers Kansas BBQ. However, the iconic Tex-Mex and Buccees gas stations helped to win him over. At TCU, he studies economics and entrepreneurship. After his playing days are over, he’d love to be able to work within the realm of baseball – likely as a coach for young teams. The first time people ever paid to watch Owen play was at the Connie Mac series in Farmington and he thrived on the crowds animosity towards him and his team. Fast forward to college, his first hit and start were against Baylor & it remains a special place to play.


Outside of baseball, Owen has any passions and interests. One of his strong passions is civil & racial equality. He also really likes to read and his favorite book is “Becoming a Man,” by Tim Brown. Other favorite pastimes of his include puzzles, video games, and watching Tik Toks of cute dogs. In his dream life, Owen will drive a Ferrari to a job where he works with kids somewhere in a sunny state

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*Photos Courtesy of TCU Athletics 

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