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Kaitlyn Smith

Meet Kaitlyn Smith.


Kaitlyn moved from North Carolina to Texas to pursue her dreams of joining a collegiate Equestrian team. Her dad’s alma mater, Baylor, was a close second but she ultimately knew TCU was the place for her. After her time at TCU, she hopes to become a sports psychologist focusing on performance and strength analysis.

Kaitlyn has two older brothers, but she claims to be the only sibling with a big personality. She is very extroverted, friendly, and known as the mom of the group amongst her friends. She is a self-described 4H gal and grew up showing chickens while her brothers showed other livestock. When she was in the 6th grade, she realized her love of riding was more than just a hobby. She then began home schooling so she could be free to travel to various shows.


She loves trying new foods when she travels, but has a soft spot for spicy, Hispanic foods from Mexican restaurants as her grandmother is from Panama. However, she will never say no to an Italian restaurant and considers a good pasta dish her go to. She doesn’t love to cook, but she does enjoy baking every now and then.


She loves action movies, but is currently obsessed with Love Island. However, nothing tops a good true crime podcast episode. She likes all music, but is particularly a big fan of country. She is not super into fashion, but she does know a thing or two about makeup and skincare. Her trainers often ask her to help with the younger girls’ makeup on show days.


She is very passionate about conservation because of her love of the outdoors and nature. Some of her favorite outdoor activities other than riding are water sports, surfing, and fishing. Her ultimate dream car is a 21 Chevrolet Silverado with a Black Ops kit. She would name it Sammy.


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*Photos Courtesy of TCU Athletics

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