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Brody Green

Meet Brody Green.


Brody Green left Owasso, Oklahoma to play baseball at TCU because he was drawn to the small campus and immediately felt valued by the coaching staff. Brody is originally from San Diego, CA but he prefers his home & life in Oklahoma, likely because he loves being outdoors.


One day, he’d love to own up to 30 acres of land and spend his days outside. He loves to hunt, duck season being his favorite. Fishing is also one of his hobbies, freshwater fishing specifically. Animals hold a soft spot in Brody’s heart, he is even one of those rare people who love both dogs and cats. He once found dogs on campus that had wandered away from their owners & made it his mission to return them safely to their owners.


Like many of his teammates, Brody loves to play Fortnite & hit the golf course in his time off. However, one of his more unique hobbies is mountain biking. Brody grew up BMX racing and he still loves to do it to this day. Brodys friends have dubbed him the “clown” of the group because of his outgoing personality. Although, while he may be clowny, he’s not all fun and games – he’s known for staying focused by charting and graphing in the dugout.


Brody is quite the foodie, some of his favorites being Chick Fil A, Eatzi’s, Toppers, and Chipotle. However, his all-time favorite food is sushi and a shrimp tempura roll with crab spicy sauce is the way to his heart.


Brody is majoring in Real Estate and would like to follow in his mom’s footsteps and one day pursue Mortgage Development. Nevertheless, he hopes that his future career will allow his dreams of owning a SS Camaro become a reality. 

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*Photos Courtesy of TCU Athletics
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